Welcome to An Urban Grower's Guide: Selling the Food You Grow in Pittsburgh

Thanks for visiting An Urban Grower's Guide: Selling the Food You Grow in Pittsburgh! This resource guide was created and is maintained by Grow Pittsburgh, Penn State Extension - Allegheny County, and Pittsburgh Food Policy Council

Who? The guide is for anyone who is growing food in the City of Pittsburgh and is interested in selling it, from backyard or community gardeners to urban farmers.

What? The resources provided in the guide cover a range of topics that one might run into when growing and selling food in Pittsburgh, from rules about zoning or food safety permits to understanding liability or water access.

When? This guide was first created in April 2016, but it continues to evolve and be updated over time. 

Where? The information in the guide is directed toward those growing and then selling food in the City of Pittsburgh. Some resources may be helpful for growers throughout Southwestern PA, but information about rules and regulations is often specific to the city.

For more information, check out the "About the Guide" section, or click on the menu tabs above to see any of the five sections of the guide.

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